We want to say THANK YOU to the Essential Services Workers going above and beyond for our communities at this time. If you have a friend or family member who is an Essential Services Worker, head over to our Facebook page, look for this post and follow the instructions to nominate them to go in the draw to win a free Rose & Thorne bra. 

We'll be giving away one free bra per day (in the form of a $50 Rose & Thorne voucher) to an Essential Services Worker for the entire time New Zealand is in lockdown Alert Levels 4 and 3, starting Monday April 6th 2020 until May 13th 2020. We'll be randomly selecting the winners and announcing them below so make sure to check back daily!

T & C's apply. See

Winner for Monday April 6th 2020:

Debbie Jolley

Winner for Tuesdsay April 7th 2020:

Aimee Humby

Winner for Wednesday April 8th 2020:

Claire Collier

Winner for Thursday April 9th 2020:

Natasha Parry

Winner for Friday April 10th 2020:

Becky Abbott

Winner for Saturday April 11th 2020:

Kirsty Burnett

Winner for Sunday April 12th 2020:

Carole Pedersen

Winner for Monday April 13th 2020:

Gillian Slack

Winner for Tuesday April 14th 2020:

Dani Millar

Winner for Wednesday April 15th 2020:

Sara Davis

Winner for Thursday April 16th 2020:

Claudia Chaplin

Winner for Friday April 17th 2020:

Louisa Macdonald

Winner for Saturday April 18th 2020:

Bernie Coleman

Winner for Sunday April 19th 2020:

Suzanne Phillips

Winner for Monday April 20th 2020:

Hali Mangu

Winner for Tuesday April 21st 2020:

Paula Thwaites

Winner for Wednesday April 22nd 2020:

Sharon Cox

Winner for Thursday April 23rd 2020:

Maire Dineen

Winner for Friday April 24th 2020:

Anna Simmons

Winner for Saturday April 25th 2020:

Ellen Farrow

Winner for Sunday April 26th 2020:

Karen An Lyndon Gordon

Winner for Monday April 27th 2020:

Kelly Can Niekerk

Winner for Tuesday April 28th 2020:

Shelly Flintoft

Winner for Wednesday April 29th 2020:

Debbie Giles

Winner for Thursday April 30th 2020:

Hayley Cox

Winner for Friday May 1st 2020:

Stephanie George

Winner for Saturday May 2nd 2020:

Anouska Riosa

Winner for Sunday May 3rd 2020:

Amie Kirkland

Winner for Monday May 4th 2020:

Natasha Darby

Winner for Tuesday May 5th 2020:

Arianna Matsis

Winner for Wednesday May 6th 2020:

 Chloe Smith

Winner for Thursday May 7th 2020:

Danielle Jones

Winner for Friday May 8th 2020:

Bethany Brown

Winner for Saturday Math 9th 2020:

Nicola Jamie Brown

Winner for Sunday May 10th 2020:

Andrea Reiley

Winner for Monday May 11th 2020:

Megan Barnes

Winner for Tuesday May 12th 2020:

Jocelyn Rachelle

Winner for Wednesday May 13th 2020:

Sharlene McCleary


All winners have been notified via Facebook.